We will begin taking pre-orders in the fourth quarter of this year with product shipments to begin after the first of the year. We will do our best to let you know how things are progressing as we get closer to that date. If you are interested in learning more about specifically when we will be taking pre-orders, feel free to sign up for a pre-order notification.
We are committed to shipping the MindStream Monitor to our supporters all over the world as soon as possible. Partly due to the inclusion of wireless communications in the monitor, there are regulatory hurdles to cross in many regions and countries. In order to best serve the larger global market, we need to set up and test regional cloud servers and deal with the necessary logistical, tax, and legal/export challenges of shipping the MindStream Monitor and replacement discs internationally. We also need to establish an international service network. We will expand our international distribution as quickly as possible.
We will be enhancing our current website to include online ordering. For updates on the status of product launch, please sign up for pre-order notification, and/or “like” us on Facebook.
We will initially sell the MindStream Monitor on our company website to customers in North America. We welcome the opportunity to get in touch with you when we are prepared to build out our distribution channels. Please subscribe and indicate you are a Distributor.
We will initially sell the MindStream Monitor on our company website to customers in North America and therefore are not currently building out a retail presence at this time. But we would be very interested in speaking with you when the time is right. Please subscribe and indicate you are a Retailer.
We will initially sell the MindStream Monitor on our company website to customers in North America. We welcome the opportunity to get in touch with you when we are prepared to build channel partnerships with service firms. We recognize that the MindStream Monitor may represent an important opportunity for you to enhance your service offerings to your customers, and we look forward to working with you. Please subscribe and indicate you are an Aquarium Service Firm.
We are still developing the final pricing structure for the MindStream Monitor, but we expect it will likely retail for less than $900. A monthly subscription fee of approximately $35 will cover real-time, 24x7 access to monitor data, proactive text and email alerts, and free replaceable sensor discs.
We recommend that the sensor disc be replaced at least every 30 days in order to maintain optimal accuracy.
During our testing we have achieved very good results measuring magnesium in freshwater, but our confidence level testing magnesium in saltwater tanks is not as high as we want it to be yet. We don’t want to hold up product launch and may need more time to test magnesium in saltwater before we can feel comfortable including it on the monitor.
The MindStream Monitor calculates carbonate alkalinity using equations from the field of oceanographic research that use CO2, pH, temperature, and salinity measurements as the primary input. This is one of the reasons we have been benchmarking pH and CO2 against extremely accurate oceanographic instruments – we want these parameters to be accurate so the alkalinity reading will also be accurate. Typical aquarium test kits measure total alkalinity, which measures a combination of carbonate alkalinity, borate alkalinity, and small contributions from other ions. Total alkalinity measurements can be misleading to aquarists, who are most interested in the carbonate alkalinity that is critical to keeping healthy corals.
The MindStream Monitor was specifically designed to minimize biological buildup on the monitor and inside the sensor disc. Each disc includes a small wiper brush that keeps the optical lenses and salinity electrodes free of organic matter. The monitor and disc are made of a plastic called Zeonex with 16 times less adhesion to protein than regular black plastic. The spinning disc is designed to block ambient light penetration, minimizing the growth of algae or biofilms on the sensor side of the disc.
Yes. We are currently focusing on launching the saltwater version of the MindStream Monitor and disc. Many of our sensors also work well in freshwater and we plan to develop a freshwater version of the MindStream Monitor at some point down the road.
If you are interested in participating in our beta test program, please subscribe and indicate you are interested in Focus Groups/Beta Testing.
The Mindstream Monitor functions equally well in your tank or sump. We do recommend placing the monitor in your tank because exact parameter measurements can differ between tank and sump. For example, oxygen levels are often higher and more stable in the sump than they are in the tank where fish and corals reside. If you are OK with receiving sump measurements that may differ slightly from your display tank, the monitor can be put in your sump.
No. If your WiFi connection is lost, the MindStream Monitor will store its raw measurement data locally until the WiFi connection is re-established (as long as it has power). Once the WiFi connection is re-established, the monitor automatically uploads all raw data to your cloud profile and updates your tank parameter charts. The MindStream Monitor is capable of storing many months worth of data while the Internet connection is down.
The MindStream Monitor does not use any reagents. The fluorescence dye molecules are very large and immobilized in a very thin plastic substrate and therefore they cannot leak into the water.
The MindStream Monitor is 5.75 inches tall, 3.75 inches wide, 3.25 inches deep. The inductive power transmitter is 4.5 inches tall, 3.25 inches wide, and 1 inch deep.
Yes, Step Ahead Innovations will offer a 1 year warranty on the MindStream Monitor.
We are currently devoting our development resources to getting our first MindStream Monitor to market. The first version will not be integrated with other systems, including Apex controllers. We will certainly consider the merits of working with other aquarium tank system providers, including Neptune Systems, to provide integration down the road. If we do decide to provide integration with Apex controllers in the future, these enhancements would be implemented in the cloud-based infrastructure and no modifications would be required to the MindStream monitor itself.