perpetually monitor up to 10 vital water parameters.

maintain an optimal eco-system for your fish and corals.

spend less. stress less. enjoy more.

benefit coral reef conservation by reducing loss.

what it does

m o n i t o r

MindStream™ technology's automated ongoing monitoring eliminates the need for frequent manual testing of individual parameters.

b a l a n c e

The MindStream monitor's data and recommendations help you optimize the water for your specific tank and its fish and corals.

t r a c k

Know what's in your water and see how it responds to the changes you make - like adding fish or supplements, or changing light exposure.

s h a r e

Share your successes, ask other aquarists questions, and learn from the MindStream online community.

what you'll do

s a v e

Protect your investment by balancing your water to keep your fish and corals healthy. Save time and money by eliminating costly and frequent manual testing.

r e l a x

MindStream technology gives you peace of mind by allowing you to know, at any time, exactly what is in your tank's water. That means less worry about your fish and coral while you're away.

c o n s e r v e

Optimized water means healthier fish and corals and less loss. Reducing loss has a positive impact on coral reefs.

e n j o y

Spend more time enjoying your fish and corals.

water parameters

All of our research and testing results so far give us great confidence that the MindStream monitor will be able to measure each of the following parameters at least as accurately as, and certainly more reliably than, common aquarium test methods (test kits, titration, and photometer).

We have numerous additional parameters helpful to saltwater and freshwater aquarists alike undergoing development and testing that we plan to release in the future. We have strong indications that we will be able to release future versions of the sensor discs that will make the MindStream monitor even more powerful. Since new sensor discs will work on existing monitors, your initial MindStream monitor investment will be protected well into the future.

how it works
comparison to current methods

The MindStream monitor represents a significant leap forward in maintaining aquarium water since it is capable of accurately measuring up to 10 critical parameters in one sophisticated scientific instrument. The chart below compares current test methods with the advanced parameter monitoring and other features of the MindStream monitor.

groundbreaking technology

Following is some of the groundbreaking technology that makes the MindStream monitor the most helpful, accurate, and reliable device it can be for your tank:

  • Advanced fluorescence and colorimetric sensor technology adapted from the medical field.
  • Ultra-sensitive optical measurement circuits for measuring the fluorescence response of the indicator dyes.
  • Space age plastics that virtually eliminate moisture penetration and prolong the useful life of the monitor in sea water (and reduce organic matter buildup on surfaces).
  • Custom optical filtering that enables high accuracy and resolution in measuring essential water parameters.
  • RFID tags on the MindStream sensor discs for unique identification and automatic download of calibration data in the field.
  • Inductive power technology that enables power to be transmitted through aquarium glass up to ¾ thick and eliminates wires in your tank.
  • Highly reliable, scalable, and secure Microsoft Azure-based cloud servers for customer profiles, parameter algorithm computations, tank databases, and out of range alerts.
  • The MindStream app is built on the latest HTML-5 and CSS3 platforms for use on any Web-enabled device, plus an app for iPhone. Additional platforms coming soon.
how accurate is it?

The initial goal of the MindStream monitor has been to develop a product that is at least as accurate as current aquarium testing methods such as test kits, titration kits, and photometers, while providing the significant benefits of perpetual, real-time monitoring of numerous parameters. In the long run however, Step Ahead Innovation’s research has indicated that advanced fluorescence and colorimetric sensor technology is capable of achieving much higher levels of accuracy and repeatability.

One aspect of this research is benchmarking the MindStream pH sensor against a $12,500 marine grade Sunburst AFT-pH instrument. Not only is pH critical to maintaining reef tank stability, but it is a key component (along with CO2, temperature, and salinity) in the MindStream system’s calculations of carbonate alkalinity. The Sunburst pH instrument is used in very high precision oceanographic research and represents the “gold standard” in measuring pH.

The chart below shows nearly a full month of actual test data from benchmark testing of the MindStream monitor vs. the Sunburst AFT-pH system. Note these tests were performed in a test aquarium (no fish/coral) and pH levels were initially varied widely to put the sensor through its paces. Even with fast additions of CO2 or alkalinity in the early stages of the test, results from the MindStream monitor track the Sunburst instrument very closely.

The chart below indicates the variance between the two measurements over the same time period. As a point of reference, the National Bureau of Standards can calibrate pH solutions to about +\-0.01 pH, which represents the limits of extreme accuracy in measuring pH (the narrow light blue band on the chart). Experienced reef aquarists know that pH accuracy in the +\-0.1 pH range is sufficient to maintain a healthy tank (the wider darker blue band on the chart).

These results clearly indicate the MindStream monitor is capable of tracking very closely to a sophisticated instrument that claims ultra-high accuracy.